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University of Ferrara

University of Ferrara

The Section of Medical Genetics belongs to the Department of Experimental and Diagnostic Medicine at Ferrara University (UNIFE, Italy), ranked 5th in the Academic Ranking of Italian Universities in 2006.

The diagnostic task of the UNIFE includes genetic counselling, cytogenetics, molecular genetics, clinical genetics, prenatal diagnosis, the muscle unit and patient care and therapy. UNIFE is leading research projects on muscular dystrophies focused on novel delivery systems for molecular therapy  as well as  defining both genomic and transcriptomic signature of muscle disorders.

UNIFE also carries out routine care, high-level clinical care, fundamental and healthcare-oriented research and education.

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Contact: Alessandra Ferlini
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Dipartimeto di Medicina Sperimentale e Diagnostica
Sezione di Genetica Medica
via Fossato di Mortara, 74
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University of Ferrara and BIO-NMD

Professor Alessandra Ferlini at the University of Ferrara will coordinate the BIO-NMD project. In addition, The University of Ferrara will lead WP2 - Genomic biomarkers discovery by genome-wide analyses of DNA and RNA. The team will also be involved in: providing patients' samples, performing high-throughput genomic analysis and transcription analysis and participating in biomarker validation.


Alessandra Ferlini

Alessandra Ferlini is a Professor in Medical Genetics, and coordinator of the EU funded BIO-NMD project. Her experience is in the genetics of muscular disorders, and she leads both research and innovative molecular diagnosis projects. Her research topics include genomics definition, transcriptomics and splicing and functional stuides on novel drug-delivery systems.  She is a member of the TREAT-NMD ethical committee, the European NeuroMuscular Centre, and a partner in the NMD-CHIP EU project.


Francesca Gualandi

Francesca Gualandi is the PI of a Telethon Italy project on genomic studies of COL6 myopathies. She has experience in genomic and transcripomic studies in neuromuscular hereditary disorders.


Paola Rimessi

Paola Rimessi has a PhD in biotechnology. She was a post-doc at Thomas Jefferson University (Philadelphia, USA). She has may publications in the field of molecular biology and gene transfer procedures.


Luciano Merlini

Luciano Merlini is a senior consultant in  Medical Genetics at the University of Ferrara. He is an expert clinician on innovative trials in muscular dystrophy. He is also a member of several scientific societies and on the editorial board of scientific journals.


Giovanni Perini

Giovanni Perini is at the University of Bologna, Italy. He has many publications on morphological, immunohistocheical, ultrastructural and transcriptomic studies on muscle disorders.


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