Procedure for partners wishing to publish

When partners are intending to publish work which is an output (also known as Foreground) of the BIO-NMD project, the following procedure should be followed to ensure the protection of all partners' intellectual property:

1. If a Partner wishes to publish Foreground from the BIO-NMD project (in any form, e.g. poster session, paper, as a speaker), they should email all other PIs in the BIO-NMD consortium at least 45 days in advance of publication, in order that they can identify any IP issues.

2. At the same time the IPC should be informed of the intended publication via the chair.

3. This notice should include information about the planned dissemination activity such as: audience, type of dissemination, venue/publisher, purpose of dissemination and the data to be disseminated.

4. PIs will be asked to give an ‘active approval’ to the proposal as soon as possible but preferably within 2 weeks if there are no issues identified. This may be done directly or through the IPC.

5. Once this approval is received from all PIs or IPC representatives, publication may proceed.

6. After 2 weeks, a reminder may be sent but publication should not proceed until all responses are received or 45 days have elapsed.


6. In the event of IP issues being identified, this should be made known to the IPC chair as soon as possible but always within 30 days of the notification.

7. In this case the publication may not proceed until appropriate steps are taken to resolve issues to the satisfaction of the IP owner. Further details about legitimate grounds for objection can be found in the Consortium Agreement.

8. The IPC can advise and it is expected that Partners will resolve issues in good faith. The final decision rests with the Partner/s who own the IP.


9. If no response, positive or negative, is received during the 45 day period, the dissemination will be permitted.

10. For each piece of IP, one person will be identified by the IPC as the main contact (normally the first author in the case of papers).

IPC Procedure

A list of Intellectual property committee members can be found here.


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